15 April, 2005

Answer to Robert the homeless guy sleeping in the theatre doorway door

Q. Do you think the government are trying massage the unemployment figures by making school leavers stay at school?
A. I never thought of looking at it from that point of view. If you ask a former MP. He would probably tell you that young people need to learn that education can lead to better job prospects. If you ask a student that has studied hard for five years, got their degree, but has had to take a job as a waiter or waitress, was it worth it they'd hesitated before answering and probably say no. Do I think we should make youngsters stay on, I have to say education is important but to have youngsters stay on at school and pay them for it is a good idea and yes I do think this is another ingenious way the government can massage the unemployment figures.

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MalcolmLutherKing said...

Education means nothing to anybody. It is a competitive world but you are competing on work experience and interpersonal skills, education means nothing at all, or very little. If you look at people who have been unemployed for a long time they are shy and quiet, they have poor interpersonal skills, they possibly have loads of qualifications and very little work experience. I have a degree in Electronics and cannot find a job within twelve years of leaving university, not even as a Labourer or a barman.