13 April, 2005


The master plan was to arrive the night before the event and everything was running smoothly on Sunday 10th. Six intrepid people headed toward their first destination, Three panelist and two (shall we call them, coordinators, just to be polite) and one bus driver whom we had not met yet. We arrived at our destination to hear the bus was making good time. Then at about eight o’clock panic, our big red bus had broken down and it was stuck on the motorway. Stuart a coordinator paced up and down in reception Then headed for the bar needing to quell the impending feeling of doom, while James our second coordinator made frantic telephone calls. After sitting with crossed legs, arms and eyes for a few hours., we received a phone call saying mechanics had arrived and everything was all right and that we had only run out of diesel. So things were put right except for the intrepid five.
The following morning was D day. We drove ahead to Birmingham, thinking there would be no more hiccups how wrong could we be? The bus had broken down again but this time we had a major panic. It had now broken down on a roundabout on Birmingham’s notorious one way system. Not needing to cross everything again for luck as everything was still crossed from the night before.. We hoped that it would not cause the worst traffic jam Birmingham had seen for awhile. I know we needed the media exposure but I think stopping the whole of the city center traffic would have been just a bit too much. After a few hours the bus eventually arrived. But we had decided not to give our bus driver whose name was Gibson an A to Z but a bible because we all now realized this big voice tour was going to need a lot of prayer.

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