29 April, 2005


Seven million people in this country use the now thriving pawn shop business. Once a form of business that was on the decline is now booming again because people on low incomes are struggling to meet their weekly needs, like myself. I usually get my income support on a Friday( which never seems to come on the right day) but you can almost guarantee after paying the bills there's not much left for shopping and going job hunting. Well, if you got two good walking feet and you're a fitness fanatic prepared to walk miles then you just might have a chance at that elusive job. Me, I've got a pin in my leg so walking long distance is a major problem. Back to being skint. People are becoming more and more despondent with the way government are tackling poverty. Everywhere you go, people are saying the rich do get richer and the poor as usual just get poorer. The depth of poverty in this country really does astound me. The fact that government benefits went up by so little is the reason why these businesses will continue to thrive. It's about time any government in power understood that they are in power because of the people, and if one day in the future if the people rose up and said enough is enough, who on earth would blame them?
One way or another the government taxes it's people. Whether it is on food, work, clothing flights abroad, you might not be taxed at the other end but there's always Vat to add to your costs before you leave. Petrol now that is what I called being taxed, but it also spends our money. Yes, I do say our money on what I call waste. Stop spending millions on surveys and polls of what the people want and stop spending millions on ideas that really do not work in this country - just because the Americans have it, it doesn't mean we have to follow suit.
Open those lug holes that are called ears and bloody well listen. We voted for you because we thought you were listening. Were we wrong?
I have said so many times. We are the fourth richest country in the world and yet we suffer from poverty. There is no need for it and we certainly should not see it in this day and age. It's not only affecting those that are unemployed or sick. It affects those that are working, old age pensioners, families on benefits, in fact poverty. When any government is in power are they saving our money for a rainy day? Hey fellas I hate to tell you, it's raining


Anonymous said...

Just re-reading 'Down and Out in Paris and London' by Goerge Orwell. Can't help seeing similarities between the book and the sorry state of many people today. We haven't moved on. That said, if Howard gets in next week - we will see worse!

erna panel member said...

Is this trend which we endured the
last eight years while Mr Blair was
in power going to continue for four
more years /
Mr Blair really does not care about any of us,for he has swung over to the rich and wealthy side.
Who can we trust to guide our country.

David Russell said...

If the Blarities spent less money on quangos and targets, and more money on services then we wouldn't be in this mess