20 September, 2005

Another thought

I was just thinking while watching a keep fit program about all this health scare thing we have in this country. We seem to worry more these days about what we eat and how long we can keep it stored so we can still call it fresh. I now jog only twice a week and that's just to get rid of my middle age spread I seem to have got. When it comes to what I eat. I seem to eat anything. I don't worry about how long its been in my freezer or my ice box. Sometimes I think about all the people starving in the world today especially when I see such a lot of good food being thrown out by supermarkets and believe me when I say some of it still has an in date on it. My friend who calls himself a freegan gets all this food and eats it and he has never fallen ill from it. So the question i ask is why so much waste and why the worry.

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