17 September, 2005

Sleeping on city streets

I woke up this morning really early and was getting bored with watching my selection of videos. So I decided to take my camera and take photos of people sleeping on the street. I forgot to put new batteries in but looking at people trying to sleep brought back memories of what it was like when I was in their position. I could remember trying to block out the sound of the passing traffic, swearing if it was too noisy and I could remember the distinct smell of the street that light stench you wouldn't really notice until first thing in the morning. People can say to themselves oh what a shame as they pass by but if they knew how people on the streets survived they'd think twice when they said some of the things I've heard them say like, it's their own fault or they should get a job or it's alright they are only drug addicts or alcoholics. The best one I've heard is it's okay they want to be there. Those people who say and think this are the ones who if they were in the same position would doing the same. I always seem to use the word live when I talk about someone one the streets but on the streets you don't live you survive by what ever means possible. I know that people regret some decisions they make in life like Patrick who I once wrote a poem about. His only regret in life was that first drink. My own was that first drug. I think that making mistakes is part of life. It's what makes life, life, if you get what I mean. We all make mistakes and some of our greatest mistakes are yet to come. I think to realize not everyone is perfect or has some flaw is what giving us that human defining quality. So as I was wandering through my city streets staring down at the homeless thinking how many of them where lying there through one stupid mistake and how many really do want something good to happen to them. I know I used to. I just had this thought if I'd have been perfect then there would be no need for me to write my blog as we'd all be the same.

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