05 September, 2005

Quiet weekend

Well, the girlfriend had to win one weekend of just me and her sooner or later. I actually left the computer alone for two whole days. Can you believe it? But I have been keeping up on events in America. I have always thought of America as being very racist and what has happened over the last week has really shocked me. What amazes me is that the Americans can get aid to another country quicker than they can to there own people. Does race come into it or is it nobody really knew the magnitude of what had happened? The south seems like a third world country from what I've seen on TV. I have been on about global warming this week. Will it now sink in that the climate is changing rapidly and we do need to cut gas and car emissions along with all the rest. Whether we can save the planet well that's another thing but at least we can make it last another thousand years longer.

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Tessa said...

Sadly, it seems that bureaucracy, red tape and some very stupid officials delayed a lot of the aid which should have reached the people in New Orleans much sooner than it did. And, yes, the great majority of the victims were poor and African Americans. Racism is still rampant in the Deep South.

Perhaps, one day, human beings everywhere will learn to respect each and every person and to live together in harmony. At the very least, this terrible experience will bring the American people closer together and hopefully some good will come out of the misery and horror we have witnessed.