28 September, 2005

It's just an echo

As I sit listening to the news and my head spins with all this talk about New Labour. I feel let down by it all. I just get the feeling I have already heard this all and its just an echo of what's been said already but only louder.
Tony Blair to me, needs to see an ear specialist as he does not seem to be listening to the people that elected him. I know that he can't do everything but he should listen to what's being said by the people that matter and that's this country. Not People in other countries. It's what's best for the people of Britain that should take center stage.
I know people are saying we should get out of Iraq but if we do it now there will be more bloodshed and we could end up with people from another part of the world being killed in their millions because we didn't stay till the end. I disagreed with the war and still do but I wouldn't want to see a bloodbath and I feel that's what would happen. Who do I blame for getting us to this point I blame Bush and Blair.
Blair shouts and shouts about New Labour but it's just the old one in disguise. Blair is like the magician he shows you what you want to see and then you see it disappear. The illusionist is what I call Blair he seems to deliver what he says, but does he really?

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