20 September, 2005

The blogasphere

I am not a very good reader of books or other peoples blogs but just lately I have been browsing through the blogasphere and have come across some interesting sites like Richard Allen's of the political times and tech wonders but every site I come to has its own uniqueness like confused gerl some I just can't understand because they are in some foreign language and some because they don't make much sense and I've come across the ones that seem to have no life in them, but a blog is a blog and the more people see this as a tool for someone to say something important. It might be about the world in general, it might be about the difficulties you face personally or it might just be about how you disagree with your employer or what your firm stands for. In a world like we have today we need to keep up with the Jones. We need to know how some of the people of this world are coping and blogs are a much more personal way of doing so. So in the next few years I hope to see the number of bloggers treble as I know I've still a lot to learn from other people and just imagine how many on line friend you can have.

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