02 September, 2005

Hooligans intimidate home secretary

At last someone in power that has had a taste of what the public have to put up with nearly everyday. Hooligans left Charles Clarke intimidated and feeling fearful. He said he understood how crime victims felt after his experiences in his constituency of Norwich and near his home in London. He spoke as the government unveiled new extensions of measures to combat anti social behavior. He spoke of the death of a family friend who was stabbed near his London home. People across the country are suffering everyday of the week with unruly youths and hooligans. There have been more murders than at any time I can remember. The anti social measures the government have taken does not stop them. I am one of those people who thinks thinks bringing back the death penalty is the only way to stop senseless murders. The question always comes back to are we too soft on crime?
Homeless people suffer the most from hooligans. A homeless person is seen an easy target. It seems to me that because of their situation they are abused and assaulted because they know they wont be reported and if they are who is going to believe a homeless person. It's the inconsistencies with law and order and the stigma of being homeless I hope to address in the next few weeks as I interview people.

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Anonymous said...

you say "what the public have to put up with nearly every day". I must be lucky as I don't, so it seems to me that, based on my experience (and most of my friends), this "antisocial behaviour" is not as widespread as the media make it out to be. However I'm sure the homeless see far more of it than most of us. And I live in Crouch End and work in St. John's Wood, two relatively "nice" areas of London - I think the problem affects certain neighbourhoods far more than others.