12 September, 2005

The feel good factor

Well, people in Britain are now beginning to feel good. We have now won the ruby world cup and now we have beat those Aussies at cricket. What's next on the menu. Oh yes football or as the American's call it soccer. Bring on the rest of the world I hear people say but, sadly we don't have a team good enough to win the world cup. Never mind what makes a country feel good must be okay. I am one of those people that thought cricket was a dead boring game played by posh school boys and old farts on a Saturday and Sunday. A sort of weekend tradition but after watching the ashes series when ever I could. I just thought well, at last England won something even if it did take a south African and an Aussie to do it but all that said well done for giving the British people that feel good factor.

1 comment:

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P.S. who thought the aussies would lose?