05 September, 2005

Holidays are nearly over

The summer hols are nearly over kids go back to school. Parliament goes back to it usual bickering in the house. Mind you I think the best is yet to come from the Conservatives. Who is going to be the leader will it be Clarke or what's his name? That's how much I know about the Conservatives. I just think it funny that every time the conservatives lose an election they pick another fall guy. I can remember a certain someone saying something about family values and there he was having it off with Edwina. It's no wonder no one trusts them. You had Thatcher giving in one hand and taking twice as much with the other. You had them virtually backstabbing each other. No wonder they are in a mess. I am looking forward to the opening of parliament. How about if I apply for the job? I can get good references. Can you imagine it the right honorable Jamie McCoy leader of the opposition. Well, it would look good on my CV.

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womble said...

Jamie, at least you have credentials as an honest person. And belief in resolving one of the most important issues in this allegedly civilised country.