01 September, 2005

The girlfriend

Well, men of the world how do you keep on the good side of your girlfriend because if you buy them chocolates you're accused of trying to make them fat and when I said I'd got another way of doing that. I got a mouthful of endless verbal. She said she wanted to go to the cinema so we did and I paid for the both of us. As we came out all she did was complain about the film. I just went through the oh god what did I do to deserve this phase again. She's not speaking to me again because I started to write some more of my play last night. I would like to know am I doing something drastically wrong or are women the most unfathomable creatures on this earth.

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line said...

just had to comment this - hehehehe...
well, women are as complicated as men are simple, i cant find a better way of explaining it.
we analyze everything, and think long and hard before settling with a logical explanaition...
(though there may not be any)
especially when it comes to men and their behaviour.
sorry on behalf of the female population
(but just so you know, you men can be very annoying sometimes, and you have the power to hurt even when youre not aware of it...)