01 September, 2005

A world of storms

Well, it's happening years ago they predicted a climate change if we kept on polluting the atmosphere. Of course we haven't taken a blind bit of notice and look what's happening all over this world of ours. There have been floods in Europe. In America there have been storms the latest killing thousands. In Asia there have been the worst storms for years. The world has been telling the Americans they need to move away from fossil fuels, that they need to reduce pollution, but it has fallen on deaf ears. We ourselves in this country don't fair much better we have had twisters in the midlands luckily no one was injured. When are we going to get it? When are we going to realize we only have this world and it needs to be here for our children. When it's to late? I believe that it is us, people from all over the world that drive cars chop down forests pollute rivers. We are the ones that are killing this planet now more quickly than ever and we use the word progress as an excuse to do it.

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