21 September, 2005

The story of the blog so far

For those of you that don't know the story of my blog well, it goes something like this the idea of a blog was started by Crisis the charity that supports the homeless but they had to find someone to write the thing. So they asked me with the words Jamie would you write a kind of web site which is called a blog it will only take about an hour or so a day. They conned me. They got one up on the real McCoy. I automatically said what the hells a blog and with the help of the Hansard Society I got up to speed and off I went. Originally the idea was to give homeless people a voice in the run up to the general election and as crisis had a big voice tour coming up. I was invited to join the tour. The idea of the tour was to sit down and talk to prospective MPs about homelessness and put our points across and at the end of the discussions we'd get them to sign a pledge to end homelessness. It was a tour of five major cities. Anyway things went so smoothly apart from the saga of getting lost a few times. Which you could write a whole series of comic sketches about. The blog went from strength to strength. Then I wrote something about having my own political party a comical piece and it was feature in the newspapers. Since then the blog has taken on a life of its own. Although it was only meant to cover the general election I seem to have made it a blog for everyone. With the views of homeless people and the general public I think that I have done a good job so far. The worry of will we be able to control what Jamie puts in the blog has never really come up as it was my blog and my opinions. I control what goes into the blog. I know I can be opinionated and sarcastic at times but my idea was to create something that was different, honest and based on fact rather than old news and to show homeless people have a sense of humour.
All homeless people want is to be heard and to be part society. Not second class citizens. What I will always try to do is show the public the sort of things that they don't see or hear about. Have I succeeded so far who knows people say the blog is a good read. But I know I can do better.

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