20 September, 2005

So disappointed

I was listening to the Liberal Democrats yesterday at their annual conference in Blackpool and I was expecting to hear something that would make me understand why they think they are the new threat to labour and to be quite honest it was like a damp squid. Let me see if I can explain just on one of the things ah yes, the privatization of the royal mail, a money making organization but was a money losing organization due to the fact of what I would say was the modernization and I believe will lose money again because of modern technology. How did I come to this well lets take for instance and remember this is my brain at work first thing in the morning and I haven't had a coffee yet. Well, if there are 14.2 million bloggers in Britain that means there are that many that know how to send an email and if we are honest it's more reliable than the post. So if the post office send 26.5 million letters a day they are a least falling short due to modernization by lets ten million and if technology keeps on growing at it's present rate. The post as we know it now will be a museum thing of the past. All over the world there are so many people that send emails rather than the pony express which the post office has now been nicked named once again and to privatize something that cannot possible out run modernization I think is going to cost us dearly no matter what the LIb Dems say about they'll keep the price of a stamp down. That's one subject the other was the war in Iraq all the Lib Dems had to say was just that they sided with the UN basically we thought there was going to be this outrage at the war and all we got was how the bloody UN worked well, near enough. Well, today's another day I wonder will there be fireworks or just another repeat. Oh by the way any political party that doesn't foresee the closure of the post office in it's present form should go for an brain scan

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