01 September, 2005

Poverty and immigration

What really causes run down estates and what we call poverty? Is it having to go without food and water for days. Is it living on a run down council estate trying to make ends meet everyday with no hope of improvement. I have to admit that we live in a country that's well off. Our idea of poverty differs vastly from say Africa or any poor Asian country. I've often heard the comments that we spend too much on immigrants and refugees but If you look at things from their point of view. We live in luxury really compared to most of the world. In this country we have have a growing population of Asians and now there seems to be what is being called Asian ghettos growing For the French to put immigrants into slums I couldn't understand. Why so many immigrants died in over crowded Paris flats when France are themselves a wealthy country is beyond me. It really does sort of give the reason why people make a bee line for Britain. My worry is that if we keep taking people in from other countries are we not in danger of the same happening here. We already have run down council estates that are getting worse. Councils say cost too much to do up. We are building fewer council homes. The government keep on about home ownership when some people haven't even got a home. We can't keep on putting people in hostels and such if we don't build anything. Putting people on waiting lists is just another way I think that figures can be malipulated and it takes years for people to actually get a place by then they are either old or now need moving to a old peoples home. We will have over crowding. We already have people from other countries sleeping on our streets and because they are part of the EU. We have an obligation to see they are alright. What I don't want to see is a situtation as with France the loss of life. I am in favor of giving people from other countries a chance to improve their lives but not at any cost. That facts are simple really we have to deal with our crisis of housing right now. If you stand at a bus stop any day of the week you will always here someone comment on someone's race but that doesn't mean we shouldn't help them or do some people besides the bnp really believe that Britain should be for the British.

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