02 September, 2005

Policing the city

I have always said that London is under policed and community policing only works at a certain level. Well, today policing was taken to a new level I should explain. I was on my way to the offices at crisis. I was waiting for my bus and as it was along time coming which does not surprise anyone these days as they are either full or go right by you. Well. I decided to smoke a cigarette. When I finished it I threw it on the ground and put my foot on it. Along came these two community officers who took me to one side and said sir, did you know we could arrest you for littering. I was lost for words and while they were lecturing me on the rights and wrongs of littering I missed my bus. Is this what modern day policing has come to? I think that policing the city should be done by proper uniformed police. community policing doesn't seem to be working as crime figures are still increasing and to tell the truth most criminals think community police are a waste of time and a joke. Ask any full time criminal if they admit to being one. As to the littering of cigarette ends, if they put those ash trays at bus stops like the ones you see outside some offices maybe I wouldn't have to put my foot on them .

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