01 September, 2005

Who is Pete Doherty

I have been watching the program on BBC three who the f--k is Pete Doherty. When you hear people say this man is a genius you begin to wonder. I mean the man is a drug addict and is not ashamed to admit it. So to see just what people were on about and I have to say I didn't think much. I just thought this man is a good poet and song writer but genius? Bob Dylan now there's a genius. So how anyone can compare the two I don't have a clue. Could Pete be the new Wordsworth I doubt it but he's still young and learning. Will he make it past that dreadful number 27? Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, are just a couple who didn't. The question I ask is how can a man who has obvious talent and intelligence not see that drugs will destroy him in the end. When even he admits he's an addict. Who is the real Pete Doherty? Is he the person portrayed by the media? Is he the person he portrays himself to be? Is he the little boy lost?

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