14 September, 2005

A not everything is free moan

Not everything in life is free as most people seem to think or you can't get something for nothing. When the people of a modern day society are being charged for water, which if you think about it is a commodity in abundance in most countries. It's only in the poorest countries in this world that have a real shortage. We complain and complain about the charge and the way it rises every year but can you imagine what it would be like if we didn't have these purification plants for cleaning the water and making it drinkable. It does cost money to build them and maintain them. Most people think it's absurd to charge the amounts that the water people charge. I do as well, but like everything else in this world it has a price tag and for clean drinking water we have to pay. Privatisation I think is the beginning of the end for most things once someone sees there's a huge profit to be made from something. It's all guns blazing to make money. Don't get me wrong I love making money what little I do make, but should these companies make obscene amounts of money for something that is necessary? Another thing I want to gripe about is. Now I've forgotten what I wanted to write. I know it wasn't about my ex. Ah yes it's about junk mail that comes through your letter box everyday. Where I live now there's not a day goes by without some kind of mail trying to give me insurance or sell me something I don't bloody well need. I now have one of those bags the council supply us with full of junk mail. Why is it so easy for these companies to get your name off a register. I think its an invation of privacy there should be some kind of law to prevent this. If there is already why isn't it enforced?

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womble said...

Jamie, there is something called the Mailing Preference Service which you can sign up to online. Good marketing companies should have a code of practice which requires them to cleanse their databases of names and addresses against the MPS lists of people who don't want to receive junk mail.

There is also a Telephone Preference Service so you can register your phone number too (including mobiles) to stop unwanted cold calls.