21 September, 2005

One of those days

I am not having a very good day my computer at home as crashed and I have been trying all morning to recover work that I saved on my hard drive and hadn't saved anywhere else. These things happen, but why always to me. I think someone up there's saying Jamie we have left you alone for a month just to let you know what it's like when everything runs smooth but we can't let that happen anymore. Basically they're saying we don't like you anymore. What wouldn't I give to be the finger of fate or the one that deals out things to happen. I'd have some fun with all these politicians that constantly make promises they know they are never going to be able to keep. Oh and for all the war mongers of the world I'd put bombs on their toilet seats after all they think it's the safe place for them to be, so I've heard and all the kids that play truant everywhere they went even if it was a shop I'd make it so they thought they where going into a school. Well I'm having to pay for this session on a computer I just thought it would be nice to let you know what I was thinking. I'd better go now as I have some of my own work to do. Oh I forgot I'd make everything in plain English so everyone could know what I was saying.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, hope you get your computer sorted soon. Keep up the blogging. You're getting to be one of those I visit every day. Regards Bill.