28 September, 2005

Oh to be a politician

For years and years I always figured politicians to be very very intelligent but over the last few years, well since I got my sense and sensibility back. I have begun to realise that they are as fallible as well anyone else, after all some of the ideas they come up with are not the most sensible. I also have begun to wonder what really inspires a politician to become a politician after all it does seem they're under fire most of the time. Is it because we expect them to know all the answer to our problems. The word politician means one who is skilled in the science
or administration of government. Now I know some are and some are just ordinary people who have a passion for government. Most have been to college. The reason why I mention this is, that some people even those on the street are very very intelligent and with the right qualifications they could become someone. An MP for example. For someone on the street this is an impossibility. For someone that comes from a poor back ground it is less likely their full potential will be achieved. The government are always going on about people going to college and their being a fairer way of getting people into college. To make them pay what they can't afford seems unfair and stupid to me. The government will say but we have all these schemes to help with those that do get into debt. How many students do you hear about that do have debt to the tune of thousands of pound? How many do you hear about that are still in debt since the tuition fees started. The answer probably lots. The best is, it was politicians who thought up the idea of tuition fees and the funny part of it is that some of them didn't have to pay tuition fees. Talk about irony. I had this thought. A scheme that recoups the student fees after they had passed exams and got work. My idea was to take from earning. Say someone got a job and was earning twenty two thousand a year and lets say tuition fees were five thousand pounds. Why not get a thousand pound a year back that way instead of charging fees to students that have nothing. Of course at the beginning of the course there would have to be a legal contract drawn up before the student started their course. But I think my idea is quite good and I'm not even a politician

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womble said...

Jamie, my own view is that, generally, educating more people to a higher level is good for society as a whole and so anybody should be entitled to tertiary education. Not just those willing or able to get into debt or who have parents who can bail them out. These people tend to go into better paid jobs and so end up paying more taxes anyway. They also employ cleaners, gardeners etc and so put more money back into the economy.....

But that's just my view.