29 September, 2005

Freedom of speech

Well well, we seem to be seeing the Labour party in a different light today after they threw a eighty year old heckler out of their conference. Hasn't any body told them about a persons right of freedom of speech. It seems that Labour do not want to be heckled by anyone. They should read my blog sometimes. They would have me put in stocks if it were in the old days. I believe that a person has the right to say anything he wants because we have a legal system that deals with slander and liable. The Labour party are always making promises but how would they feel if someone took them to court for breach of promise. I believe they still can these days. If they can't accept criticism then they should not be in office. People will always be criticised no matter what they do. People will always disagree with something the government do. It is no reason for anyone to do what the country saw being done to an old man today. An apology should issued by Labour or they will lose the peoples respect. It's that simple

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