10 September, 2005

Visiting friends

I had a meeting with a charity called WWF. No it's not the world wrestling federation. Its the world wildlife fund we discussed the setting up of blogs and websites. I think the meeting went well. I hope they find someone to run their website in a style that grabs people's attention because I personally believe by trying to save the planet from pollution not only are we saving wild life but we are extending the life of our planet and ourselves. I stayed with friends the night before as it the meeting was near Woking. I was pleased to learn I was their first over night guest but a few things got me thinking as they had only just brought their house and moved in a couple of days and I met a friend of theirs. I took a picture of the garden and the thing that hit me was the inflated price of a three bed roomed excouncil house with a fair sized garden that six years ago the cost of buying this house would have been in the region of �85.000 to �100.000. It now cost nearly twice as much. Then on top of all that you have solicitors fees and surveyors cost because I have been homeless I Just couldn't understand why people will still pay these over the top prices I know that living in an area deemed to be one of the best is a plus but to pay so much for the privilege but seeing my friends happy with their new surroundings was enjoyable. It's such pity that house prices are still soaring and people that are working class are now being priced out of the housing market even the governments scheme of owning half of a house doesn't seem to be working. I think it's about time the government really did put their brains into gear and come up with some valid answers to the housing problems after all they are supposed to be the men and women we thought could run our country and do the things needed

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Truckmann77 said...


It is not only in your country that the prices of houses are expensiv.. I`ve been working within removal almost 10 years and i have been working all over europe. And when i see the people that move and the prices that they pay for the houses i get shocked every time! I moved a couple into an house in norway that was cold, far away from anything, everything in the house had to be fixed, even the walls inside! and they payd almost 1400000 ( 110000 punds ) and how they could pay it, is in my mind strang!
The sad part is that i`ve been working all my life, and i do not have a chance to get any house! sometimes i think that we only live in this world to pay taxes for our countrys and gouverments!
When you work in the gouverment in my country for 4 years, you`ll get maximum pay when you retire at an age of 60! or even if you retire at an age of 30! as long as you have worked for the gouverment!
I think that it is sad that people that has worked hard all their lifes in low payd jobs gets minimum pay when they retire! aren`t they worth the same as a man that has worked 4 yours behind a desk, with no school, but he knows the right people?
Well somethings never changes!! And some things does :)

it was good to be reading about you on www.startsiden.no i think that it is great that you have changed you`re life the way that you have, and it made me think about things around me, and how i am as a person!

I am sorry for my bad english writing.. ;)