07 September, 2005

Done and dusted

Well, I thought I'd have a quiet night. So I got into bed and started to read. Then all of a sudden the phone rang it was the girlfriend saying Jamie I'm coming round, I have to say this to you're face. I said don't bother I knew what was coming. Can you imagine my surprise when she started to say nasty things like I was selfish, big headed and a two timing toad and that I thought more of my computer than her. You know the usual things whenever she's mad at me. So I hung up on her. Just thought I'd give her chance to cool down. Five minutes later she rang back with the words anyway did you know they haven't made a magnifying glass strong enough to find yours. I thought that was a bit below the belt so I hung up again. She rang back again and said it's over. I just laughed with relief. I thought I'd done something seriously wrong. I love being part of what they call normal. I love the highs, not so much the lows of life. I love to write although I have to admit when I'm writing I lose track of time besides wouldn't life be boring if there where no suprises and everything was perfect. The truth is I forgot to phone her. Well, I'm not perfect. I am nearly there though. Anyway one of the things we talked about was when she had cooled down, was why do I keep telling the world what's going on in my life and why do I keep making her the dragon of the piece and I said to her have you looked in the mirror lately. She hung up and I haven't heard from her since.
But to answer her question anybody can write but to add a little of yourself makes it real so the reader understand where you're coming from. I think that if you want your reader to get to know you then you have to reveal just a little. The thing is though, I did it just to annoy her like she annoys me.

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