03 May, 2005


I have to blow my own trumpet as no one else will. This was my first attempt at a blog. When I first sat at the computer and thought about how I was going to write I suddenly had this thing about writing a sort of diary but as if it were a conversation. It does seemed to have worked as I have tried to be serious when needed and light hearted when I thought it was appropriate . Now after reading the whole blog. I think it's one of the best blogs on the web. Now that's what I call self praise indeed


Yvonne Powell (Big Voice Panel) said...

I like this blog too! (So you're not the only one saying it! ;-) )

Anonymous said...

So blow your own trumpet - why be so modest!!!!!
Typical....give a man access to the internet and he just get all "empowered". Well done on a great blog - the only one by a 'real' person out there? (See Sandrad Howard and Tony Blair's)