06 May, 2005


I have asked a lot of questions since I started this blog. The one question that keeps on raising it's head is, why should we care? I always answer the same.
As I was watching the election and yawning at the same time last night. I turned the TV over and there was an appeal to end poverty all the stars like Hugh grant, Liam what's his name,Sean Penn. I started thinking and before you say it. I'll say it for you. Stop thinking or your brain will explode. Anyway where was I? Oh yes, last night. I had these thoughts of why should society care about complete strangers? Imagine a society that didn't care and what that would be like. Everyone just looking out for themselves. Families that didn't look after each other. Terminally ill people would die alone. Old people would have to fend for themselves. There would be no second chances say, if you were a drug addict and wanted to change. You could not get the help that was needed because no one cared. If you where sick you would become an outcast. The less fortunate would not be able to survive. It would be like the days you read about in the bible. Life would be a sheer nightmare.
I do believe that caring for others is part of our human make up. No matter what colour or religion you are. I just wondered if we really are a world society of different creeds and colours? I know if a bomb destroys a town in Russia tomorrow we wouldn't think twice about helping. Although we don't agree with some of it's governments policies. If another disaster happened in another part of the world. We would be there. Strangers helping strangers. In this country we have charities such as crisis the charity that empowers the homeless. Homeless link another charity that works with both the homeless and other similar organizations. We have age concern that helps the old and infirmed. We have so many which does prove we are a caring race of people and the saying charity starts at home is a true saying. If we end the things like homelessness, poverty and cruelty to children and animals at home while trying to make a difference in the world. We can say most definitely say we have made a start on being a better society and being one of the richest is the kind of a bonus that allows us to do it. This is what makes us a society. Society doesn't mean conformity.
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