04 May, 2005


Dear Mr Brown why is it you don't consider people, who can't afford to buy their own home? Say, homeless people or even better still people in bed and breakfast oh and hostels, you know those big building that house most of the rough sleepers taken off the streets or have you forgotten them? Everytime I hear you say something or read something, it's as if you've got a one track mind. Don't you remember? It was Maggie Thatchers government oh and by the way she was one of those Conservatives who brought in the right to buy and she never got around to building enough homes. Now you're intent on doing the same. I'm Building more homes, I'm Build more homes. Bit monotonous don't you think and oh yes, am I right in thinking that a great number of people have lost their homes due to huge rises on their mortgages. Inflation I think it was called. First time buyers do have the right to by a house no question my argument is not with them you should build but should you also build more council houses. After all it's around 59% not the 70%you seem to have arrived at. I can pluck figures from somewhere too.
Questions I have to ask is should we keep on building on Greenfield sites when we have brownfield sites available.
What about the properties we already have? That have been vacant for ages because councils are strapped for cash?
What about making the some of the issues on homes. Fair and affordable rents for single homeless people

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