07 May, 2005


Labour have been reelected and guess whose back in the cabinet? Yes, David Blunketts back. I always thought he'd return at some stage but not this early. Mr blunkett who resigned over the work permit applications, to be honest has never been a favorite of mine. Some of the ideas he had when he was Home Secretary I must admit were quite good except for the Id cards. Which I strongly believe works against the principle of a free and democratic people. Now he's back I wonder whether he and Charles Clarke will have lunch sometime and slyly continue with some of the things he tried so hard to instigate.
Amongst the cabinet reshuffle we have three new faces we shall have to see how they perform. Once again no mention of anyone being appointed for a new position on temporary housing
I wonder why all the homeless agencies have pointed out that we do have a major problem with what is known as hidden homelessness. So why doesn't the new government do something right from the start of their third term in office. Because I can assure them if the situtation does explode the way it has been forecast. Then Labour will have no chance of ever addressing the problem. It will be the same old story of people sleeping on the streets. So I shall keep on and on like some broken record shouting at who ever is in power to Wake up and smell the coffee

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