06 May, 2005


Yesterday I voted for the first time ever in a general election.I was hoping to show a photo of myself entering my polling station but it was too blurred. So you will have to make do with me just telling you about it.
The funny thing about voting was, looking at all the candidates names on the slip of paper and thinking, who should I vote for and why should I vote for them? I had never seen anyone of them at my front door asking me to vote for them. Then I thought about the big voice tour I'd just been on and the questions we asked some prospective candidates. I did remember some of the answers they gave.(which was a miracle for me as my memory is kind hazy at times.) Even this line of thinking went out of the window because as I was standing there ready to put my x in the box. I knew that just by putting it next to someone's name, I was hoping my vote was going to make a difference. I wasn't only voting for myself. I was voting for those voices that are not heard. I was in fact saying I hope my vote will make a difference. I want this person to be my member of parliament because I think he will do the best job for me and others. The only thing now I think about it. Was it the right choice? Only time will tell.
As the result came early this morning I sort of expected the result as did half the country. The most unusual thing about this election I think, was it wasn't fought on the real important issues. I believe it came down to a popularity contest. It was a sort of smaller version of an American election with out the razamataz. Well, that's what I think, but Isn't funny how one little x on a piece of paper might make a difference.

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