26 May, 2005


Well, it had to happen after the first burglary I thought things could not get any worse. After it happening again I still said to myself remember some of things you have done in the past and it's as they say what goes around comes around. Since then everything has sort of settled down. My peace has now been shattered by a crack house that has open upstairs from where I live. I know some of you might say welcome to our world. We have had to deal with this for years. I was just wondering how you cope with it right on your own doorstep?The funny thing is that I used to be one of those people that used to go to a flat to inject my illegal drugs. I spent over thirty years an addict. Funny how seeing it from the other side gives you a point of view you never had. I never really thought about the man who lived next door or the woman that lived across the road. I never thought about how worried they where about being mugged or burgled by the addicts that frequented the house. To me it was just a place to score and inject. What to do about it? The answer is I don't know. Because I know from experience if the people in the crack house think they have been grassed up there will be reprisals. I now know how people feel when they live with these crack houses on their council estates, I know the worry they have for their children’s safety as I see children at the bus stop every morning going to school and I know pushers have no conscience and wouldn’t be bothered about selling to children. So what do you do? The crack house was made empty just yesterday. Today they’re back again. This time there are more of them. The days of me being one of them have changed. Now I live in a different world. Without drugs or friends that are addicts. It is a choice that I made and I’m so glad I did. This Christmas coming will be my sixth one drug free. It was one Christmas that I made my life changing decision. I have had a lot of help along the way from crisis and its open Christmas. They also paid for me to go to college and helped me buy my computer with their changing lives grants for which I will always be so grateful. So you see having a crack house on top of me, for me could become a problem if I let it. Because just like a alcoholic will always be a alcoholic. I will always be a addict it doesn't matter if don't use ever again. It's just the way it is. Just to cheer my self up. Sometime this week I am going to wear my T-shirt that says BEEN THERE. DONE IT. NO TIME FOR REGRETS. I HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE. Made by me of course.

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