30 May, 2005


Last night I had the most disturbing and frightening thought anyone could have. It maybe because I've been out in the sun too much, but I was thinking about Tony Blair and Gordon brown. I was wondering why they had become mates and why does Tony want to end being prime minister before the next election. Then it came to me. Why Tony had visited the hospital. It wasn't for the irregular heart condition as was said in all of the papers. That was just a rues. It was, wait for it, a cloning operation. Tony Blair will become Gordon Brown just before the next election. Why you may ask? Well lets assume Tony doesn't want to give up being prime minister because he's convinced he can still do the job better than anyone else. He's so convinced he can win the Labour party a fourth, fifth and sixth election and carry on being prime minister. He and his think tank have come up with a way of doing it.
What better way of fooling the public than to give us the hint that Gordon will become the next prime minister just before the next general election. When what is really happening is that everyone in government knows that Gordon makes a fine chancellor, but they all know he probably won't be as good a prime minister. So the idea to keep Tony blair on as prime minister is the only option. So the secret service and all of Britons top scientists have come up with a way to give Tony a complete identity swap.
Gordon Brown gets to be prime minister as the public will see, but he is really Tony blair and the man we think is Tony Blair fades in to obscurity or dies in some weird accident. What a horrible thought that Tony could still secretly be prime minister.
Great conspiracy theory, don’t you think? If you don’t hear from my blog anymore you’ll know why. but as I've said I've been in the sun an awful lot this week.

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