03 May, 2005

Because of a project that works

We met Caroline in Birmingham. Caroline a former sofa surfer on various friends sofa's was made homeless in Birmingham. She was brought up by her parents in Glasgow. Who she says were she middle class. she moved to Birmingham and slept on friends sofa's but this came to an end, after finding herself homeless, she found it hard to rent as no one would take anyone on social security benefits. Luck was on her side she went to a Birmingham drop in centre for the homeless and was found a place. She moved into a brand new hostel project. Which I vistited and found it to be one of the best projects I have come across in my experience of hostels. The hostel it self caters for single homeless women with or without problems. Although she is still a hidden homeless statistic the future for Caroline looks bright and rosy and I wish her all the best for the future and I hope to see her at the official opening of the project. Posted by Hello

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