24 May, 2005


The queen opened this session of parliament with the words "my government will continue to pursue economic policies which will entrench stability and promote long term growth and prosperity".
It was just the words long term growth and prosperity that struck me. You see like 25% of people in this country who are on benefits or receive a state pension. We are stuck in a poverty trap that seems void of any solution. I don't see long term growth in my future. Prosperity. Like many people I struggle to make ends meet and I don't have a mortgage thank God or else I would be up shit creek without a paddle. OOPS sorry.
So far nothing in the speech for me. Only the hope that if the country grows so should I. In the next part of the speech I think the queen said something about legislation in key areas of public services, education, health, welfare and crime. Now we come to the heart of things because just before this there was a passage that said something about promoting opportunity and fairness. The word fairness struck a chord. Now I know this was a speech for all, if I'm not mistaken, but these are the questions I put forward:
Is it fair to exclude someone who wants to learn more from education because he has no fixed abode?
Is it fair to refuse someone employment because of his address ie hostel, hospital, hotel or their past?
Is it fair that when a homeless person is attacked (which by the way is 13 more times likely than the average member of the public) that it should all be blamed on their living on the streets? Is it fair that they should be victimised?
Is it fair to put the aged into homes and charge them exorbitant amounts which they can't afford. I could go on and on but I won't. The bit about smoking in public places and ID cards; all I can say is this the start of George Orwells 1984. What the hell is coming next? Did you notice how the government put the ID cards in the queens speech just a simple one liner. Not saying we'll talk about it, but this is what's going to happen.
I always thought of Britain as a free nation. It seems I could be wrong because the way I see things going are that soon we will have a big brother. Where everything is known about everyone. Freedom will just be a word.
The queens speech just made me wonder is this really going to be a government of equality or a government full of broken promises.

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Gixer77 said...

The Queen is just a puppet of Parliament, so whatever she says in her speech is not really her wish, its just been written byt a Government think-tank. She has the power to dissolve Parliament but she doesn't - I wish she would, and put Prince Harry in charge - now that would be fun .... :-D