16 May, 2005


Yesterday I was passing through Trafalgar square. I came across what was left of the make pot completely legal rally. At first I thought what do they want? The law has changed dramatically towards pot smokers. Pot has been downgraded from class B drug to a class C drug. Then I thought of all the things that have been said against the drug lately . That it causes depression and personality disorders. That it is in fact addictive. Lets just say we legalise pot. What do we get? Well, it's been said by legalising it the government will earn revenue by taxing it more heavily than petrol. That it might stamp out the cannabis dealers. Then as I was taking a photo I heard the comment pot smokers are just zombies. So we'll get probably a nation of zombies. Which reminds me the Labour party. Nah, they can't be. Can they?

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Anonymous said...

To the moron who wrote that pot turns people into zombies and says pot adds to a personality disorder your an idiot. I have been using for 9 years and I am extremely successful. I started out with nothing and now here I am owning my own company. I am a pot smoker not a drug addict there is a difference. I would rather have millions of zombies in the country that millions of drunken raged maniacs. FO SHIZZLE DIZZLE now drop like a duece bia bia