20 May, 2005


I was watching news night on BBC and the question about young people doing community service having to wear orange or green. I believe that if we started doing this to young offenders. It would not be long before the older generation of offenders had to as well.
I had this thought of myself in a chain gang digging up a road wearing the old fashioned stripe suit. Sunday best was one full of arrows like you see in old black and white movies.
What I ask myself is this a good idea, just another expensive waste off time? I really do think it's a barmy idea. Why should someone be identified as a petty criminal by all and sundry? A friend of mine not mentioning any names (you know him as the don of all coordinators) told me to read The Times I think it was, but I read the Guardian instead. It had a small piece on the subject. Yet this time it suggested them wearing the same colour suit, tie and white shirt. If that's not a uniform I'll eat my hat.
My feeling on this subject are, why are we thinking of things like this? This is a society that believes we should help reform prisoners. It's not as if we make them go to what ever meeting they have to. IE: probation officers in some cases they have to visit a psychiatrist on a weekly basis and some have to see drug councilors. Some are even do community service. So why are we trying make them stand out? Shouldn't we be treating them like normal people? Community service is already their punishment for whatever crime they have committed. So as recompense we make them serve the community. I don't see making them stand out as a positive step towards rehabilitation. In fact I see the opposite happening. I see offenders resenting the fact that they are being made to stand out.
The government seem to think this will ease overcrowding in prisons. I think people are now fed up with the ease that some people who have committed terrible crimes get off so easily in courts The disparity of sentencing is beginning to become a major concern. This is a more pressing matter than the colour some offender should wear. Shouldn't the government be thinking of ways to stop people offending? I have to agree with the Conservative veiw on tougher sentancing.
I say no to the ludicrous Idea of branding offenders whist serving the community because giving someone a colour to wear is a bit like branding. If I'm not mistaken the Germans did that to the Jews in the war. I think it is a wrong step to take.

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