23 May, 2005

Homelessness on the rise

The number of homeless people is on the rise. In London alone, it has risen by 37% in the last four years. You maybe saying to yourself this just it can't be as I don't see as many sleeping in shop doorways now. So how can it be true.
Well, they are there if you look, but homelessness is not only counted by people sleeping rough it is also counted by the number of people sleeping in hostels, hotels and not all of them. What are not counted are those that are sofa surfing at friends or those that are squatting. And believe me when I say the figure is far greater than the governments estimate.
What is the root cause of homelessness?
Do you think that poverty and homelessness go hand in hand?
Has the government got it right in the things they are trying to do to eradicate homelessness?
Would this government be better off tackling poverty first and then homelessness?
Has homelessness been ignored for so long that it has now become incurable?

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