03 May, 2005


I have always wondered how governments get their figures. So this weekend I did a bit of research of my own on the national average wage. I went into Covent Garden and just stopped people in the street and said sorry sir or if it was a lady sorry madam could you help me? I'm doing my own independent survey on wages the government say is the national average. Would you mind telling me what you earn? Of course no names will be mentioned.
I took 100 of each section-18yr olds, 21 and early thirties and above married with kids.
Then I took the on the older generation which I though was a generally good idea. Boy did I get some lip from some grumpy people. I just put it down to being a warm weekend. So after a sluggish start my figures came rolling in.
The average wage of an 18yr old is a little above £8,500 a year.
The average wage doesn't differ that much for a single man or a married between the age of 21 to thirty it was an average of just £13,500 year.
In the 30 to the older grumpier age group. I was even more surprised at such a high figure of low paid workers especially because this was London the average was just £19,000 and many of these people had two children. Many were not in the high paid office section which I assumed most to be. most were shop workers and factory workers from different parts of the country.
So you compare my average to the governments and see what you come up with. Remember the way tax works it's always been on what the government think the public can afford. If the national average was low then less tax but no government in it's right mind would tell you that. I have an idea how about sending me the figure on what you earn then I can work out the national average and send it to who ever's in government and tell them this is the figures tax should be based on not some over inflated government figure plucked from the air or a near enough figure. That's how my weekend went and I began to suspect the government of having what I call the sheriff of Nottingham syndrome. What we need now is a Robin Hood any takers?

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