31 May, 2005


At last live 8 heads in the right direction. It was twenty years ago when live aid made millions to relieve famine in the poorest countries of the world. People all over the world gave an enormous amount. Yet the governments of the world gave very little, you had the Thatcher government who took their share in tax. Which has only just been given back. Now we have a G8 summit here in Scotland. What really annoys me is the cost of the whole event. Which must now be nearing the 150.000000 mark? Just imagine how much food that could buy. My question why can't these politicians just for once lower their standards from first class to just well off class. I know it's an important meeting of the richest countries in the world. My only hope is that they actually do something this time for a continent that is dying. This is their chance to save these people. I know I harp on about the homeless in Britain and so I should but this is another important issue that should be raised. We all know that people all over the world will give generously. So will their governments? Will they wipe out third world debt will they give aid where it is actually needed? Will they make medicines less exspensive and available? Only time will tell.

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