04 May, 2005


Tomorrow who will you vote for? Will it be the one that says he will give nurses a pay rise and further improve the NHS? When you know he will not because if he does, jobs will be lost somewhere else, but you don't care as long as it's government wastage.
Will you vote for the one that says we wouldn't have taken our country to war? When you know he dam well agreed with it in the first place or will you vote for the laid back character you know has said all the right things? But there's something about him and you just can't bring yourself to trust him. I'm Not saying politicians lie but they do seem to stretch the truth a rather long way sometimes. What people think are the important issues get lost on deaf ears. The parties machines just turn on their own agendas and steam roller any issue that will cause them to slow down.
My point is so far I have heard nothing on homelessness from any party and I know it's a very important issue because although the previous government did remove People from the street and put them in hostels or bed and breakfast hotels. We now have a problem of what is now called hidden homeless. If it keeps on rising the way it has been in the last few years many people plus myself see a system that will break down. We will see a return to the old days of rough sleepers in their thousands sleeping on our city streets once again. So I ask all you prospective parliamentary candidates Did it get mistakenly left off all the parties manifestos?
My friend John says he's going to vote for his MP because she's better looker at than the other candidate as he's a bloke he always been a bit of a sexist but he does have a point when he says what's the point they don't listen. Better of voting for the sexy one.
My friend Angela s really serious and the last time I saw her she was still humming and ahhing about who she was going to vote for but I think she'll end up sticking a pin in some photos and choosing that way.
Me I'm still a little undecided although I have an inkling who I will be voting for. Maybe common sense will prevail after all.

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