13 May, 2005


I was watching the Trevor MacDonald Tonight program on a new craze that's sweeping Britain called happy slapping. This consists of being slapped on the back of the head or face and having a photo taken at the same time friend said I've been happy slapped and it f...ing well hurt. It came out of the blue. There I was walking home and all of a sudden I was hit on the back of the head so hard that I saw stars. I thought I was being mugged.
This is only one instance of a craze that is causing so much panic amongst the general public. Certain shopping center's are banning youngsters who wear hooded the attire of the happy slapping gangs from their shopping malls.
Crazy isn't it? We can be assaulted and on most occasions robbed by these gangs of happy slappers and it's called a craze.
I spoke to people on the bus this morning and the replies I got were,we are too soft on these youngsters today. Bring back flogging that will teach them a lesson. Give them the short sharp shock treatment. Let them join the armed forces that'll teach them discipline.
Well, here's what I say. We used to have a suss law but, because it was being used racially we redefined it and now it's called a stop and search law. Which, I'm told is still racially inclined, but what can you do if you have a society of youngsters trying to become famous on the fast track? Because that's basically what is happening. How do we prevent this? (Tick tock tick tock that's my brain working by the way) It all hinges on a thing called an act of premeditation. To premeditate something is to think about it and arm yourself with the tools you need to perform whatever premeditated action you have in mind. Whether it be selling drugs robbing someone one. When it is not on person alone then it must be conspiracy. Happy slappers do this they conspire with each other on what bus to catch and where to find their victims. Although most victims are picked at random it is still a premeditated act. slappers consist of between 2 any number of hooded youths with a phone cameras. They would not dare do it on their own as the victim might and does in most cases fight back. To me this is a premeditated act. Most happy slapping occurrences end either with a robbery or the vic

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