01 May, 2005


Tony Blair now knows that mud does definitely stick. He will always be known throughout the rest of history as another prime minister that took our country to war and maybe an illegal one.
Well, Tony you try being homeless and having people looking at you when you're sitting down on a park bench in the middle of any city in this country. Resting, because you're tired and have blistered feet from walking and your clothes are a bit grubby, because you had to sleep in them on a dirty street last night. You try sleeping on the streets on cold nights and have people kicking you and shouting abuse at you. Did you know that a homeless person is 13 times more likely to be assaulted and abused than the general public. Ask anyone that's homeless or living in hostels.
It's that look some of the public give you as you're sitting there maybe rubbing your feet or even when you're walking with your sleeping bag tied to your back. You can see the oh he's just another one of those alcoholics or junkies. That's exactly what some of the public do think and I hate to admit it's a rather large percentage of the public. It's because everyday on their way to work or when they go out shopping they see things and assume it's must be that homeless mans fault. The public see the homeless as the problem. Not homelessness as a problem. It's a stigma that sticks to you even after you get your own place. I should know I have my own place but I still get the looks from people that have actually met me on the street.
All three Major parties must not see it as a problem. It's not in any manifesto, it's certainly not on any political agenda. The question is why? Are the homeless and hidden homeless of no consequence? Are they indeed the forgotten minority?
Oops, I've ranted on again and kind of wondered off the subject I started with. Sorry Tony, I'm not really.
I must admit Mr Blair taking us to war, not a smart move. You ever heard of clean your own house first. Take a good look around our cities. If you don't see what I see then I can recommend a good optician, if you can get an appointment.
The war I don't think will make much difference in history. Just a thing you will be famous for. Now if you'd have changed the country and made a difference. Then you'd have been remembered for something great.
Mr Blair you leave a legacy that is much the same as lady Thatcher. The only difference is, she won her little war. Are you sure you're not a Tory indisguise? You can tell me you know I wont tell, I promise.

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Yvonne Powell (Big Voice Panel) said...

Mmmm.... It's about priorities isn't it Jamie? Like looking around London and asking ourselves what we really REALLY need... do we need a)An improved transport system, b)More police officers on the beat c)Easier access to healthcare (do you have a doctor yet?) or d)A big ferrace wheel and a dome!
Poor Ken, no wonder his congestion charge budget's in a muddle!
Good rant Jamie - tell us more! - Roll on Thursday...