02 May, 2005


The final countdown has begun only three days to go and the three leaders of the major parties go on a whirl wind tour of the marginal seats hoping to convince voters to vote for them. Yesterday Blair leader of the Labour party warned voters that where thinking of switching to the Lib Dems that it would a major catastrophe and it would let the conservatives in. Michael Howard and the Conservatives kept up his message of how can you trust Labour when they have lied. Charles Kennedy leader of the Lib Dems said the Conservatives have no chance in winning the election. Now that's what I called confidence, but don't count your chickens just yet mate. You just don't know do you? I mean people in this country are strange. It's a bit like pop idle the best doesn't always win. So if I where you I wouldn't say too much. As for the Conservatives I'd start to worry just in case something special happens in the next couple of days. I think personally labour will win because everyone sort of agrees with me. It's better the devil you know. Please please don't sing.I don't want anymore nightmares.

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