23 May, 2005


Housing prices are at the highest level they have ever been. The average price of a house has risen by a whopping 125% since 1997. And for anyone that wants to buy a home it's just not feasible as average earnings are just £22,000 a year. So I'm told, but my own survey suggests the average wage to be far lower. Trying to buy your own home is a bonus for most people. It's alright if you can afford it and buying your own is a gigantic step for most people.
Just for a minute imagine being in a hostel after living on the streets for a little while and the hostel refuses to accept that you don't need their help anymore and because you refuse to accept it you are in danger of becoming homeless. Well, I have come across such a case. The mans name is Malcolm. He has now been in his hostel for nearly two years. When he first went in to the hostel he had a minor drink problem. Which could have become a major problem had he not had the help he was given from the hostel. That was two years ago. Now he feels he no longer needs the care that the hostel can give. He feels he is ready to move to the next stage of his recovery. He now has been told that if he refuses the care and support on offer. He breaks his housing contract. Which to me seems stupid as under their guidance this man has become what I would call a model for there hostel and I may add to this. He has been working voluntary for the homeless charity Crisis as a volunteer for nearly two years as well. Surely this shows how much progress he has made. I have read the contract and it does make it quite clear. On the other hand this man is supposed to sign a contract every six months and from what I can see no contract has been signed for the last eighteen months. So if the hostel is relaxed about signing they can also be relax their policies and help this man move on to the next stage. This is not the first story I have heard about hostels treating it's clients unfairly. I hope to bring more tales of woe very soon.

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