08 May, 2005


As I sit and watched Dame Vera Lynn in Trafalgar square with a friend of mine. I'm suddenly reminded of the Iraq war and the gulf war and how many of our soldiers are dead and still dying. Although the tally so far is only small compared to most full scale wars. If it were not for these men that keep us free from anyone who would try to imprison us or rule us.We would not be walking the streets as free men and women. They keep the peace and keep our enemy's from our shores, but I am sorry to say that fighting for our freedom sometimes costs them their lives. These men go to other countries that suffer tyranny and oppression to help not to hinder. Some do not come home. These are the heroes of today. The heroes of yesterday were the start of something great. That's why we live free today.
It took many different nations to defeat Hitler. Yet,together we managed it. although millions of lives were lost in both world wars, you'd think the fact that we came close to being ruled by a dictator that only wanted blue eyed and blond haired people to be the master race, we would have learned something about the senseless waste of war. Wars should never happen, but if you look back throughout history. It seems every four hundred or so years there is a great war. I've heard it said that this is a way us, humans keep the population on earth down. Is it something in the human make up that lets us kill one another? Is it that impossible for us to learn that war destroys civilizations and that a war today could actually destroy everything in a matter of minutes, now that we have the technology to do so. Can you image talking to your son, mother, father or your sister on the phone. Then you hear the warning sirens, then nothing. It would be as if you never had been here. No legacy to leave. Only the clouds of radiation. So yes, I am grateful to all those men that fought to give me my freedom and for the peace they keep. To those men they will always have my gratitude. I am also grateful to the men of today who prevent some lunatic from dropping the bomb that will end all.
Yet, I can't help but thinking to myself, that the to make war on each other is such an idiotic waste of life.

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