19 May, 2005


Well, here it comes a memory of mine for what it's worth. It's nineteen seventy two and I'm twenty years old. I'm stoned out of my tiny scull and need a bed for the night but because I'm a drug addict. No hostel will take me not even a DSS hostel. So I'm left to my own devices. I have decided to sleep in a back street near Soho as I need to beg, so I can score first thing in the morning. All I have is my tiny transistor radio and and a few pence in my pocket. Al greens lets stay together is playing on the radio. I fall asleep to it and wake up in the morning about six thirty to start begging, but I have no shoes as I had to take them in the off night due to my feet being blistered and sore. No radio all gone. Stolen in the night probably by some else sleeping rough. Funny how something so simple a memory of a song can bring back a memory. But as people say those where the days

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