27 May, 2005

Over 50

I hear that if your over 50 you might as well be dead and buried. Getting a job is next to impossible no matter what experience you have. Age always seems to come into things. Say you want to go for a night out. If you want to go to a club as soon as you walk through the doors you get the whispers of, did he bring his zimmer frame. God hope he doesn't over do it, no one knows any first aid. I'm not giving him the kiss of life he's too wrinkled and old these are just a few of the whispered remarks I've heard personally. Yet when it comes to it. I can enjoy a night on the town better than most of these youngsters today. I don't get into fights and I don't swear at people. I don't abuse homeless people and I don't scream and shout plus, I don't pee against any walls, but I do rant just a little bit. Oh yes back to what i was saying. Going for a job interview is a harrowing experience in it's self but if your over 50 well, lets just say it's best to have plastic surgery before you go. Because the younger person will virtually always get the job. The government might make all these laws about age discrimination but it's a done thing. Employers want people who are going to give their firm a good few years. They don't want someone who has got the experience but might kick the bucket after six months.
We now have people saying that the over 50s are putting a 35 billion strain on the economy. Wow and I'm one of them. Is that just like saying your near pension age go and hide somewhere? What makes me laugh the most is we have a new deal for over 50s and a public accounts committee that over sees it. Yes it's Labours magic phrase new deal. What is a new deal anyway? I personally think it's a nice way of massaging the unemployment figures. The Third Age Employment Network (TAEN) an organisation set up to promote age diversity think this report has wasted an excellent opportunity. So now I'm off to the knackers yard. I hope its quick and painless? I wonder is there a new deal and a commitee over seeing that?

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