19 May, 2005


The election on may 5th this year I believe will not be the high point of the year although it should have been. The Labour party gained their victory with the smallest winning majority and the turn out for the election was the second lowest, post war. Does this mean that voters do not care who is in government or is it that most people were disillusioned with the non-political issues in the run up to the election? I believe that people didn't vote because they thought why should we? Our vote doesn't count one iota. Do we need an electoral reform? The Independent newspaper is doing a make your voice heard (sounds similar to my, wait a minute, have they nicked my idea?) campaign to try to get the government to change the electoral system. It said by the government that people have no appetite for reform. Yet it seems that two 3rds of the country do have an opinion on how the government should change our out dated voting system but I am worried about us becoming like the Americans and having a presidential system of voting. Which does seem to be the way we are leaning. So how do we go about changing our voting system to make it fair and democratic and if we change the voting system too much will we in fact let in the minority parties like the BNP party and other fringe parties? Can we do without the reform and still progress?
The older generation are probably saying. Why change something that works? Is this what the government are saying too? After all they won the election. Do you think we should reform our voting system?

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Anonymous said...

We should change how the voting system works. we dont get the full vote. each state gets a one or the other vote. so whoever chooses the other party dosent get their vote shown. its a very hypocritical system. we voted to have our opinion shown and its the same as the government saying 'wrong answer .!. throw that one out.' its bulla nd all the votes should truly count. its such bullshit!