25 May, 2005


As I read and hear about Gordon Browns plan for first time buyers. I automatic think to myself what about me? Selfish as it may seem, but I don't have a cat in hells chance of owning my own home. I can just about afford the rent for the place I am in. If Mr brown wants to be remembered for something he should be dealing with those people who live in the poverty trap. The working class people that have to work all Gods hours just to make ends meet. The people on benefits. These are the people most governments seem to forget about. Not everyone has this dream of owning their own house because realistically they can't afford to. I don't see why the government can't look around them at projects that are new. Like the one crisis has. It's called the urban village. This is a project that mixes homeless people with ordinary working people, nurses, bank clerks, chefs, waiters and it will have shops all in the same place and it will also be affordable. It's also about building a community that helps and communicates with each other. It's also about affordable rents. Many people including those people on benefit find it hard to rent because rents are so high. So Gordon watch this space because no matter what I think, the people in this country believe that for a government to do its job. It needs to treat all of society fairly. It needs to remember not only did the rich and well off vote for them but a vast majority of the working class and those caught in the poverty trap did.
I know it's nice to have your own home if you have a family and there's nothing wrong with it, but for some if we are honest, it's just a pipe dream.
Trying to meet the ever increasing rents are what most people worry about including me. Some people lose their homes because their rent has spiraled out of control. Until something is done then there will be more tough times ahead and more homeless people. Oh by the way I have an idea. How about renovation of old houses? I hear through the grapevine they're empty and they're already built. Oops sorry, I forgot new homes on government land is the fad for this government this term.

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