09 May, 2005


Debt can be acruded through catalogues, HP agreements. The thing is you don't have to be vunerable or just single. It can and does happen to anybody. Huge debts can be run up before you notice anything is wrong.
If you apply for a crisis loan at your local Dss office on the form you fill in. It says do you have any other means of getting a loan besides the loan your applying for. And it does state all the means the government think you might be able to IE. Credit cards,store cards, bank accounts, friends, family,loans even insurance policies you maybe able to claim on. It does seem to me, it is expected in today's society that you have one or the other.
Debt has become another problem this country has. This country broke through the one trillion pound of personal debt and it is increasing by one million pound every four minutes.The rates of inflation these companies charge are nearly as high as the loan sharks that come to your door along with their minders. The only thing it can be called is legal daylight robbery

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