19 May, 2005


Today i thought I'd ask an MP one simple question. So from my hat I picked Shaun Woodward. Who has been made junior minister in the northern Ireland office because not only is homeless a problem in England. Ireland also has the same problem. So this what I said I am the blogger I am trying to give homeless and hidden homeless people a voice because people think just because they are homeless or in hostel sleeping on friend setee's they think nothing about politics. What I would like to know is do you think homeless people should have a voice to say what they want or need to become members of today's society? As most homeless people will tell you they are made to feel outcasts in a society in which they should be a part of. If you remember you gave them the right to vote even if they lived on a park bench or was this a ploy to get the extra votes a party might need to swing an election.
Don't you think it about time homelessness was ended once and for all. We are the fourth richest country in the world. Yet when we wake up and go to work we see people sleeping in shop doorways it not only occurs in England it also happening in Northern Ireland In the Queens speech she spoke of equality and and fairness. Don't you think it is about time that homeless people were treated fairly and as part of today's society. Do you agree with me when I say people from all walks of life no matter what should be equal?

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